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Ben has been my best friend for years, and in a perfect world, he would be the guy for me.  But the thought of losing him over a short-lived relationship keeps my feelings at bay.


I’ve never loved another woman like I love NECIE.  She’s everything. Want in a wife, unfortunately, she’s my oo mate and friend, and I’ve never had the courage to tell her how I feel.

To complicate matters, she reunites with her high school crush, who suddenly expresses his interest in her. 

Can I tell my best friend she’s the one for me before it’s too late?

The Want Ad is a sweet, fast-paced love story with a sassy heroine, a shy hero and an HEA.  diabetics beware! 


About the Author:

Penelope Marshall was born in the Philippines and raised in Southern California.

She picked up writing in early 2016 and instantly fell in love with the craft.  Her writing runs the romance gamut, from sweet romantic comedies to tough alpha male military suspense thrillers, with a little young adult and paranormal thrown into the mix. 

A good plot twist is what drives her wiriting, striving for that jaw dropping moment at the end of each book.

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Twitter: @AuthorPMarshall

Facebook: @AuthorPenelopeMarshall


Bliss Series Double Cover Reveal!

The Bachelor’s Perfect Proposal

(A Bliss Series Novella)

Author: Michelle Jo Quinn

Cover Designer: Lucy Rhodes, Render Compose

Release Date: October 14, 2016


All he wants is a perfect proposal.
But what she wants is the truth…

The sexy and former playboy, Levi Laurent is ready to marry sweet and sensible wedding planner, Veronica Soto-Stewart. After a crazy and rocky start, Levi knows they can withstand anything–as long as he keeps his past buried deep… But when Levi and Veronica travel to France to see his ailing grandmother, Levi’s past comes barreling forth, nearly suffocating both of them.  

Now, it’s time for Levi to open up to the one woman he can’t bear to lose. Will Veronica agree to “for better or worse” once the Laurent secrets are revealed? 

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Cover Reveal: Chasing the Runaway Bride
Coming end of November!

Chasing the Runaway Bride

Author: Michelle Jo Quinn

Cover Designer: Lucy Rhodes, Render Compose

Release Date: November 2016

(Unofficial) Blurb:

Bliss Event co-owner, Chase, the undisputed queen of dark scowls and moody behavior, has many secrets.

What’s the most closely guarded of them all? She’s fallen in love.  And despite what she’s led others to believe, it isn’t the first time.

In one afternoon, the old secrets Chase has kept hidden surface, and her past collides with her present.

With her exposed, Chase has to make a difficult decision–which path will she take? Return to the life she’s left behind, or stay where she has nurtured a life on her own.

And when the heart she’s protected for so long threatens to break, who will step in to repair the damage–the knight in shining armor from her past, or the surprise sweetheart from her present?

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About the Author:

Michelle is addicted to romance.  She believes in happily ever afters and loves writing about couples who get there. 

When not writing, she props her feet up on her favorite lounger and binges on Netflix, or reads a book or two.  She enjoys red wine and dark chocolate. Michelle runs on caffeine and can talk your ears off about delicious food.  Travelling is high on her list, whether alone, or with friends or family.  She seems a bit shy at first, but once you get to know her, she has a wicked sense of humor (or so she thinks).

Michelle lives in Ontario, Canada with her awesome husband, two amazing children, and a cuddly Maltese-Yorkie dog names Scarlet.

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Choosing Happy Blog Tour

Choosing Happy
Samatha Harris
(Madison Square, #2)
Published by: Limitless Publishing
Publication date: September 20th 2016
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance

Madison Buchanan’s life has imploded…
Her husband left her for his nineteen-year-old intern, leaving her alone and faced with starting over in her forties. With the help of her feisty best friend, Madison reinvents herself, armed with a new look and open to new possibilities.

Sean Taylor is gorgeous, fun, and young—very young…

He hasn’t had the best of luck. Sean’s track record with women is less than stellar, but when he walks into The Den one day, he just can’t help but be captivated by a dark haired beauty with the sad eyes and killer legs. She’s a little older, but he doesn’t discriminate. More than anything, he wants to be the one to make her smile.

Sean personifies the only thing that has eluded Madison all of her life—joy…

It was meant to be a fling, something fun, with no strings and zero drama, but Sean wants something more, and Madison is just not ready. She’s lived by the rules her family, her friends, even her boss have laid out for her, but her new life is not what she expected. Being with Sean opens feelings she never thought she’d experience.

The the demands of her family and her job throw her boring, simple life into chaos, and Sean is no exception…

Madison is left with a choice. Give in to the expectations of the world around her—or choose to follow her heart and be happy.

But choosing happy is so much harder than it seems.

Goodreads / Amazon

Book 1 in the series:

Author Bio:

Samatha “Sam” Harris lives near Baltimore, Maryland with her husband David and daughter Ava. Born in Florida, she migrated north which most people agree was a little backwards. She has been an artist all of her life, a Tattoo Artist for more than ten years, and a storyteller since she was a kid.
Sam has a slightly unhealthy love for Frank Sinatra, classic movies, and Jazz and Blues music, but her first love will always be reading. From Romance, to Thrillers, to Historical Fiction and everything in between, she loves to become a part of the story. As a writer she tells the stories that she would want to read.

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“Everything She Ever Wanted” by Liz Durano Cover Reveal


Title: Everything She Ever Wanted

Author: Liz Durano

Genre: Contemporary Romance 

Expected Release Date: Oct. 18th, 2016
Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR



Her perfectly planned life fell apart…


When her husband leaves her for a younger woman, transplant surgeon Harlow James finds herself alone at forty, without family and a career that’s falling apart at the seams. So she hits the open road and ends up in Taos, New Mexico where she hopes to find out where her life went wrong…


…or just end it all.


But when master craftsman Dax Drexel unexpectedly shows up at her doorstep, Harlow finds herself with the perfect distraction. For Dax is everything she never thought she’d want in a man – rough around the edges and way too young.


But he may also be the one man who can give her everything she’s always wanted.






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Author Bio: 

Though Liz studied journalism in college, she discovered that she preferred writing romantic fiction over news and ad copy. She lives in Southern California with her family where she spends her days writing, chasing after her 6-year old, and stepping over Legos.


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Liz’s Reader Group:



But thanks to rational me ruining all the fun, Dax is keeping true to whatever we talked about—or rather, what I talked about—that he stay on his side of the Pearl and I stay in mine… well, sort of. I hate having set boundaries because now I know that if anyone is going to break them, it’ll be me.


By the time I’m in the kitchen brewing coffee, I feel it—that jittery feeling that has now invaded my chest with my heart that’s beating so fast I can almost feel the blood coursing through my temples. I fill two earthenware mugs with coffee and take a deep breath.


You brushed your teeth, washed your face and mussed up your hair. You’ll be fine. Now go bring him coffee and say hi.


I see Dax before he sees me, but I don’t say anything. As far as I’m concerned, the last three days spent with him are equivalent to the sum of a lengthy foreplay and right now, I’m on fire. I’m just glad that he’s too busy to notice me as I stand awkwardly by the door, acting as calmly as I can although inside, I’m bouncing all over the place.


What is wrong with me?


Dax is pulling something that looks like a wood planer though he uses it differently, pulling it towards him instead of away from him, the way I’ve seen carpenters do it. Instead of short slivers of wood, I see a paper-thin strip unfurl from it gracefully before Dax flicks it away before bringing the planer back to the opposite end of the board. Then he does it all over again.


Through his thin white shirt, I see his muscles tense with every movement. I could name them all if I wanted to—latissimus dorsi, triceps brachii, deltoid, infraspinatus and teresmajor—but I want to do more than that. I want to touch them all, run my fingers over them and feel them ripple beneath my skin. And I won’t stop there. I want my hands to move lower down his back, feel my fingers rake against his smooth tanned skin. I want—


Suddenly Dax stops whatever he’s doing, straightens his back and turns to look at me.


“Good morning, Harlow.”


“Hi,” I stammer, hoping my face doesn’t betray my thoughts. “I… I brought you coffee.”


“Thanks,” he says, and that’s when I see that he’s brought a Thermos with him, and I feel like an idiot. Of course, the boy scout would bring his own coffee. I made the rules, didn’t I? I wasn’t going to entertain him, nor he entertain me.


“I’m sorry. I didn’t realize you brought your own,” I turn around before he can say anything but Dax is a fast mover. Suddenly he’s standing in front of me, and he takes one of the mugs from my hand.


“Thank you,” he says, his gaze moving from my face down to my lips, and then the front of my robe. I didn’t even bother to get dressed. And why would I? I don’t want to get dressed, not with this man standing so close to me, his cologne and that man-smell of his sending my hormones into overdrive. I lick my lips.


“Did I wake you?” he asks as he sets the mug down on the table next to us.


I shake my head, keeping my eyes on his mouth. “No, I didn’t even realize you were here until after I was, um, making coffee in the kitchen.” Liar. And where else would you make coffee anyway? “So I thought, maybe…”


Dax takes the other mug from my other hand and sets it down. I don’t even protest. I don’t know if I still have it—whatever it is that men want—but a part of me wants to find out. I want to know if it’s all my imagination, the way he looks at me, and how his gaze travels from my eyes to my lips, lingering there before moving downwards. I want to see that bulge in his jeans, reminding me that I’m still attractive, beautiful even.


“Harlow…” he murmurs, and I feel his fingers pushing an errant lock of hair from my face. He dips his head, and now I’m looking at his eyes. Blue and so intense. My heart beats so loud I can almost hear it echoing throughout the room.


Boom. Boom. Boom.


I stifle a moan and press my thighs together, feeling the heat rise to my chest. I bite my lower lip this time and let my gaze move down, and I exhale triumphantly. He’s hard, and he’s—


“There’s someone at the door,” he says, the words snapping me back to the present.




Then I hear it. Someone is at the door.


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Title: Confessions of a Wedding Planner (Bliss Series Book One)

Author: Michelle Jo Quinn

Release Date: July 26, 2016

Genre: Contemporary Romance


He may be the best man, but he’s the worst man for her…

Wedding planner, Veronica Soto-Stewart believes everyone deserves a fairy tale–even her ex-boyfriend. Unable to refuse his request, and with the help of Bliss Events motley crew, she finds herself creating the most magical event for the perfect couple. 

 But nothing is ever perfect… 

 And not all happy ever afters can be planned…

Levi Laurent can’t believe his luck. Thanks to his best friend’s wedding, he finally has a shot at the woman he’s always wanted–Veronica. From San Francisco to Paris, and back, he pulls out all the stops, so she knows where she really belongs–with him. But Veronica wants nothing to do with the rich, sexy, irresistible playboy. 

 Can Levi convince Veronica that her perfect happily ever after is closer than she ever realized?

*This book may be read as a standalone. It is a light-hearted romance, perfect for the beach and summer reads!*


Curved Lines Boxed Set for 0.99cents

Are you ready for the HOTTEST read of the summer?

It’s almost time to get k(ink)y with this hot anthology of 10 brand new novellas featuring sexy, curvy heroines and the inked bad-boys who will do anything to win their hearts. All this goodness for just #99cents ! Grab it quick because we can’t hold that discounted price forever 

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Acquired Taste – Dee Carney

When celebrity chef August Jaeger mixes it up with a curvy food blogger, they both realize what they want isn’t on any menu.

Another Man’s Treasure – Dee Tenorio

A widowed actor and single dad pulls out all the stops to show a single mom just how well a woman can be treasured.

Hot Tamale – Tilly Greene

Derek Schrizer is a retired Marine looking to get a new tattoo, not reconnect with his first love, the curvy sexy Cat.

Kinky Curves – Jodi Redford

The queen of dirty talk. The king of grind. Love is about to get real filthy.

Like a Boss – Quinn

Proving she’s more than a smart mouth and sexy curves would be a hell of a lot easier if she wasn’t so distracted by her sexy new boss.

Dirty Deeds – Allie Cooke

Four days, a million dollars, the performance of a lifetime…but what happens when they stop faking it? Dirty Deeds ain’t always dirt cheap.

Marked By Ice – Dawn Montgomery

His only job is to protect her at all costs, but who will protect the big bad wolf’s heart once he gets a taste of her sweet lips?

Pretty In Ink – Merryn Dexter

Sexy, sweet Aubrey Jensen is everything a semi-reformed bad boy could want – but sometimes getting what you want doesn’t give you what you need.

Waking Up – Kathryn Lively

A chance encounter forces a plus-sized woman with dormant dreams to wake up and find her own Happily Ever After.

Scorched Desire — Lexxie Couper

When a Harley-riding hunk literally sweeps her off her feet, Jilly Parker finds herself transported to a world of dragon shifters, carnal lust, and fated love.

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Title: Confessions of a Wedding Planner (Bliss Series Book One)

Author: Michelle Jo Quinn

Release Date: July 26, 2016

Genre: Contemporary Romance


He may be the best man, but he’s the worst man for her…

Wedding planner, Veronica Soto-Stewart believes everyone deserves a fairy tale–even her ex-boyfriend. Unable to refuse his request, and with the help of Bliss Events motley crew, she finds herself creating the most magical event for the perfect couple. 

 But nothing is ever perfect… 

 And not all happy ever afters can be planned…

Levi Laurent can’t believe his luck. Thanks to his best friend’s wedding, he finally has a shot at the woman he’s always wanted–Veronica. From San Francisco to Paris, and back, he pulls out all the stops, so she knows where she really belongs–with him. But Veronica wants nothing to do with the rich, sexy, irresistible playboy. 

 Can Levi convince Veronica that her perfect happily ever after is closer than she ever realized?

*This book may be read as a standalone. It is a light-hearted romance, perfect for the beach and summer reads!*


Amazon US:

Amazon UK: 

Amazon CA:

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Author Bio:

Michelle ‘s love for writing blossomed when her father gave her a diary. Instead of recounting her daily life, she wrote stories of fictional people. Like most of her characters, she believes in Happily Ever After. Naturally, she finds harmony in writing romance. 

An unabashed, self-proclaimed foodie, Michelle loves to try new food when given the chance.  She loves to travel, has an unhealthy obsession with dark chocolate, and would rather spend only on books than shoes.  She enjoys watching foreign films and reading swoon-worthy romance.  Recently, she’s found peace by making and tending to her fairy garden.

Michelle is an active member of RWA and several of its chapters. She lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband, two kids, and a morkie pup named Scarlett.

Connect with Michelle through:







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Blog Tour: “Underneath it All” by Ysa Archangel





A senior at Gates University, Agata Ferrero knows without a doubt that Reeve Gates is off limits… 


Students can’t date faculty, and Reeve has been appointed by his father as the new Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. But when a near accident with the front end of Reeve’s sleek sports car brings her in close contact with him, Agata can’t deny the flash of desire that consumes her. 

Reeve Gates is a man hell-bent on revenge… 

Abandoned in the care of his step-mother as a child, Reeve accepts the position at Gates University for the sole purpose of ruining his father’s career. What he didn’t expect was to be sidetracked by the sultry eyes of a student. 

Resisting temptation is even harder than it looks… 

When a sorority pledging incident leaves Agata stranded on campus in the middle of a treacherous storm, her better judgment falters and she accepts help from the young Dean she can’t get out of her head. Certain there is a beating heart underneath his stone-cold exterior, she escapes with Reeve on a romantic retreat away from prying eyes. 

Blinded by retaliation… 

Reeve manipulates his dying father into handing over control of the university—and immediately threatens to shut down the school as a form of cruel payback. His scheme sparks a campus-wide protest that leaves one of Agata’s professors dead and her future hanging in the balance. 

Agata must fight to convince Reeve he is capable of forgiveness, and their taboo love is worth more than revenge. 

But is there really a bright future awaiting… 

Underneath It All








That night I was left alone in our dorm. The three of them were off to the Pre-Thanksgiving party thrown by the student faculty.

They prohibited me from going and suggested I stay and just rest for the night.

I stripped down to my panties; threw a shirt on over my head and climbed into bed.

My phone rang, displaying an unknown number.

“Hello? Who’s this?”

Agata.” The voice on the other end answered. My stomach plummeted at the unmistakably deep resonance from Reeve’s voice.

“Hi,” I took an audible deep breath. “Where did you get my number?”

“I’m your dean, Agata, I know everything about you.”

“I thought so.” I immediately caught myself smiling at the sound of his voice.

“Did you attend the Pre-Thanksgiving party?”

“Nope. I just stayed in bed.”

He went quiet for a second. “What are you doing, Agata?”

Uhm, just…lying in bed,” I stated the fact, unknowingly allowing him an opportunity to explore dangerous territories.

“What are you wearing?”

“Seriously?” I giggled at his question and the playful tone of his voice.

“Yes, seriously. Tell me what you are wearing.”

Well, this could be interesting.

“I’m wearing one of my t-shirts and panties.”

“I wish I was beside you.” With those words, I tensed. “Don’t tense, just listen.” As if he was seeing me through the phone. “I want to kiss you just like I did in my room last night. You have no idea how much I wish I could take your shirt and panties off and lick your whole body, paying attention to specific areas.”

“Reeve. No.” A breathy voice left me.

Shh. Just listen, baby.” He gave me a second to decide whether to hang up or keep listening. “Have you touched yourself before?”

“No.” I bit my lower lip.

 “Will you touch yourself for me?”

I was frozen for a second, the sound of my breathing growing rapid. My fingers inched under my panties and I touched myself, rubbing gently as I listened to his voice.

I knew he could tell I obeyed by the change in my breathing pattern.

“Close your eyes. Imagine my lips on your neck kissing you the way I did before.” Heat flooded my body as I recalled it so vividly. “My tongue moves farther down your neck and to your chest, where I take your nipple into my mouth and suck gently.”

My fingers moved faster as the vision of being at Reeve’s mercy sent crippling waves of pleasure through me.

“It feels so good, doesn’t it?”

“Yes,” I whispered letting him take every ounce of doubt I felt about doing it because I could hear the ecstasy in his voice and I knew he was touching himself too.

“I am stroking faster as I listen to your small moans, Agata.”

My eyelids shut even tighter as I tried desperately to feel him somewhere amidst what I was doing.

“I suck harder and nip at your breast. Do you enjoy that?”

“Very much.” Small moans emanated from my throat as I became lost in the sensations. The pleasure became addicting and the excitement of it all heightened every sense I had.

“I drag my tongue lower, lingering at your belly button, then continuing down until I reach your thighs. My lips and tongue kiss inside your thighs before I replace your fingers with my mouth.”

I was breathless now and whimpering for him, making me stroke myself even faster. I could hear him breathing hard now and I knew he was ready to come.

“You taste so good, Agata. Feel my tongue and my warm breath on you, licking faster.”

I could tell I was close by the way my breathing rapidly increased. His breathing responded the same way.

“Reeve…” I panted, the sounds became muffled as I buried my head into my pillow.

“That’s it, baby.” Reeve growled into the phone and I knew he came too.

“That was good,” I uttered breathlessly, my eyes shut to withstand the first orgasm I ever had.

“Never in a million years did I think I would be having phone sex with someone I hadn’t fucked yet,” he voiced quietly. “Sleep now, Agata. I’ll see you in my dreams.”

He hung up before I could respond. I closed my eyes knowing tomorrow I would be a different Agata, but tonight I would allow what happened to soothe me.



He walked up to the counter and prepared a glass of orange juice. He grabbed a bowl and poured butternut squash soup into it. He prepared a cup of coffee and reheated a box of pizza and a bowl of spaghetti.

“Let’s eat.” He ordered and sat across from me. He stirred his coffee without taking his eyes off me.

“Thank you. It smells really good.” I gave him a grateful smile. Knowing he cooked for me, intentionally, on a day that meant nothing to the rest of the world, meant everything to me.

“Are you feeling better now?” he asked and shoved a spoonful of spaghetti in his mouth.

“Yeah, thank you.”

“If you were wondering if I was the one who changed your clothes, no. It wasn’t me, Tatiana did that; she was here earlier.”

“Oh, I see.” I nodded and began to sip my soup. I felt the liquid pour down my throat. The warmth of the soup enveloped my lungs and felt so good. “You shouldn’t have gone through all the trouble of bringing me here. You could have dropped me off at my dorm and left me there.”

“If I want to fucking spend time with you, I will, okay? I wanted to make sure you’re fine.”

There he went again changing moods. I swear there had to be something mentally wrong with this guy. No other person in my life frustrated me as much as he.

“Well, aren’t you sweet?” I smirked.

“So you want to tell me what happened this afternoon? What were you doing out in the storm, Agata? Are you trying to kill yourself?”

One quick bite then he got down to business.

My breath caught in my throat. I really didn’t want to tell him.

“I was…” I paused and bit my lip. I wasn’t sure how to phrase it, “…finishing a task.”

Reeve paused with a fork halfway to his mouth. “Task?” he asked with a raised eyebrow. I didn’t answer. “Sorority task?”

I mentally face palmed and nodded in confirmation. “How long did I stay out there? You think I lasted thirty minutes out there?”

“I knew it,” he stated, shaking his head. “Agata, I don’t give a damn if you finished that fucking task or not. You scared the shit out of me; don’t you know that? You’re not joining the sorority.”

“I have the right reasons for joining.” I bit my lip.

“Reasons?” He gave me a confused look.

“The sisterhood is important to me.” I thought of giving him some lame excuse.

The room grew still. He stared at me, his face blank, and I couldn’t move.

“Are you kidding me?” His gaze was unyielding. “You think the sorority will save you from dying out there? They don’t give a damn, Agata!”

It’s part of the process,” I reasoned out.

“That’s ridiculous.”

“You should have known it. You’re part of the organization.”

 “That’s why I don’t want you in!” He threw his napkin on his plate and shot up to his feet. I remained silent and gazed at my food. “Agata, what’s gotten into you?” His words almost forced me to look at him.

“I’m leaving.” I stood from my chair but he grabbed my hand and pinned me to the wall. “For once, I wanted to do something for myself without thinking of whatever people might say,” I spat.

He released a heavy sigh and ran his fingers through his hair. “Agata, after three and a half years you thought of joining a sorority? For what?”

My chest rose and fell erratically as I met his eyes. “Once I finish my task and pass the initiation, I’ll be one of them. By that time, I can tell if this guy who keeps giving me mixed signals really feels something for me. They say he only dates sorority girls. If he will not date me, then it’s confirmed—he’s only messing around with me.”

I didn’t move a muscle as his eyes burned back into mine. A shaky gasp escaped from my lips and I flinched as he reached for my face. After pausing momentarily to observe my reaction, he went on to gingerly brush my tangled hair from my face.

Agata, you’re not the type I want to date.”

I couldn’t speak. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t breathe. His words grated against my ears and it hurt like a bitch.

“You’re not someone I want to take out for dinner, walk home, kiss goodnight, nor say goodbye.”

He didn’t stop tearing with the knife, and pierced through the walls of my heart.

“Because you know what, Agata? I don’t want to just date you and walk you home. You’re someone I want to come home to, someone I want to cook dinner with, to sleep with, to kiss hard, and fuck harder.”

The words snapped out of his mouth quick enough to petrify me. I looked up at him; his plump lips were pursed into a stern frown. His eyes were darkened, no time for bullshit. I bit my lip, and with every second that I didn’t reply his face grew more and more serious.

A small smile crept upon my lips and I looked away to hide my flushed cheeks. I couldn’t contain my happiness. I wondered how my mood had changed so drastically in this conversation.

He smiled, bringing his thumb up to graze my cheek. “You’re blushing.”

I reached up and quickly wiped my cheeks.

“Now, are you still joining the sorority?”


He came closer. Our noses were almost touching, his eyes never leaving mine. I held my breath. I closed my eyes. He was going to kiss me. I could almost feel the touch of his lips on mine, his breath in my lungs. He leaned down, then I heard my stomach growl in hunger, which caused Reeve to chuckle.

“Hungry? Come on, let’s continue to eat.”




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Forever Night Stand:


Snippets of Memories: A Forever Night Stand Bonus Book (99 CENTS)

Ysa Arcangel is a Filipino author based in Manila. She works as a Spanish-English GDS Helpdesk by day and a writer by night. She is a loving partner to a chef and a mom to three amazing kids. 

 She enjoys creative writing and uses her obsessive nature by writing contemporary paranormal and romance fiction with lots of laughs, tears and sighs showcasing sweet, funny and badass female leads with raunchy and hot male love interests whether human or supernatural.

 She’s a lover of coffee, tattoos, and giant dogs. She is also an extreme sports enthusiast. When she’s not writing, you can see her spending time with her family, reading, or having TV series marathons.


Facebook Twitter Instagram Goodreads Amazon I Blog I